Fullstack Developer


Fullstack ~ React | Node.js, PostgreSQL, Sequelize | Github Actions, Dokku

Data platform for trackmania. Has player and track leaderboards, player statistics and more.


Fullstack ~ React | Node.js, PostgreSQL, Sequelize | Cypress, Github Actions, Dokku

School software development project. As a group of 4 using Helsinki events API we created a reservation system.

ESP8266-Weather station

Fullstack ~ React-native | Arduino

Fully offline weather station using esp8266 with am2320, and displaying data with react-native.


Fullstack ~ React | Node.js | Cypress, Github Actions, Heroku

Log in via your Spotify account, and browse your playlist's for guitar tabs from Songsterr.
Discover new songs to play, since normally you can only search for singular songs / artists, but using Songsterify you can search whole playlist's.
Future plans include custom generated playlist's according to user's most liked artists, and a way to search songs in certain tuning.

Raspberry Weather station

Fullstack ~ React | Node.js, Express, lowdb | AM2320, ESP8266

Using Arduino with temperature and humidity sensors to send data to a Nodejs server running on raspberry.
In the Github repository there is also a basic setup guide to end up with a weather station of your own.


Frontend ~ React | Contentful, Netlify

A website made for a client, built with Gatsby. Using i18n there's also translation's for the site which are located in Contentful

Lake Map

Frontend ~ Leaflet | CodeceptJS

A school project, in which you can lookup any of Finland's lakes and acquire any information about them that is found from the offical Finnish Environment Institute's lake database.

Playlist Tab Finder

Fullstack ~ Vue.js | Node.js, Express, MongoDB | Heroku

Lookup your spotify account, and browse your playlist's for guitar tabs from Songsterr.
Similiar idea to Songsterify, but without the ability to login. Another difference is that the tabs are being scraped from Songsterr, and put in a database of my own. This because a API did not exist when this was made.

I'm Matias Mäkelä, a Fullstack Developer currently studying at Metropolia UAS.

I'm studying computer science and communication technology. My major is software engineering. My studies include a variety of different courses like game development, web software development, data structures and algorithms and information security. My studies also include some mathematics and physics.
I have been developing different kinds of fullstack projects since 2017. Before that I've worked on games and mods. I seek to challenge myself and aspire to learn new while deepening my existing knowledge and skills even further.
In my free time I like to play the guitar, go to swim, listen to music and plan and do different kinds of projects. I have enjoyed playing video games since I was young.
Got something you want to discuss with me? You can contact me here